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WOD India Conversations: From The Other Side

WOD India Conversations is a new series of talks hosted by architect and writer Mrinalini Ghadiok and workplace expert Ar. Fancy George. This series will host guests and experts from the design industry to have candid conversations about diversity and inclusivity in the design industry in India

This first conversation of the series comes at an interesting time given that Women’s day was recently celebrated around the world and we have seen and heard a number of women share their experiences, trials, tribulations, challenges and successes. There have been fascinating conversations that shed light on how women globally have paved their paths and the efforts they have made to not only to rise but often even stay afloat in their daily routines.

So, we thought that perhaps we should begin our series with a different view, perhaps FROM THE OTHER SIDE

And to get this perspective, we are joined today by Arvind Kumar.

Arvind is the Global Vice President, Indirects of NTT Global Sourcing. He is responsible for overseeing the sourcing strategy, contract negotiations for global supplier partners across areas of Real Estate, Workplace Services, Payment Solutions, Travel and Professional Services. Based out of the US and India, Arvind has managed a portfolio that spans many NTT Group companies with spend managed over $ 3 Billion.

But more than all this, Arvind has always been an advocate and voice of reason for supporting women and encouraging their growth within and outside his workplace. 

Enjoy the video!