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Feature Friday: Adriana Rojas

At WOD UK’s HQ we’re pleased to say the weather is getting much warmer – which is fitting for this week’s Feature Friday guest, Adriana Rojas, Director of Interiors for HOK’s office in sunny Tampa, Florida.

WOD: Starting from the beginning could you tell us about your background and how you became involved with the workspace sector?

AR: “I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Blessed at a young age to travel abroad, my inspiration comes from being able to see so many wonderful places and architecture. Having an Italian mother allowed us to spend summers with family in various cities in Italy. I remember a trip to Rome when I was 10 years old that really marked my life. Once back from the trip I began to look through design magazines, draw floorplans, and envision the spaces I would one day create.

I came back from that trip and told my parents I wanted to be an architect and have not looked back since. I received my architectural degree in Venezuela and continued to be inspired by spaces. My passion started evolving and focusing more on interior architecture and eventually interior design where I have developed my career over the last 24 years with a strong focus on Workplace in the past 5 years.”

WOD: And could you give us an overview on your current role with HOK?

AR: I am the Director of Interiors for the HOK Tampa office and lead the Florida Market. I am also the Regional Workplace leader and work closely with our Firmwide Workplace team. So, what does that mean? I wear many hats. I do everything from business development, marketing, design, client interviews, speaking engagements, financials, Human Resources and I’m always happy with any new challenges that come my way. I am very lucky to work with a talented team that is always willing to step up and support me.”

– Mc Kibbon Hospitality HQ, Tampa, FL

WOD: And what does a typical day at work look like for you? 

AR: “The past year has been challenging as we have all lived through a life changing moment, adapting for me was not as difficult as I would have imagined as my days are always very dynamic. I start very early and like to spend time with my family before my children head out to school, I enjoy seeing my puppies play outside while I drink my coffee and think about the day ahead. As soon as I get to my desk, I go to my list of tasks to make sure I address anything that is time sensitive. I check on news sites and HOK Intranet and social media to stay up to date and connect with my team and my clients.”

WOD: You mention the challenges of the past year – how else have you felt an impact?

AR: “HOK has an amazing culture, we are a big family and our studios are like our homes, we have a very friendly culture and work hard to make sure everyone feels special. We enjoy working together, whether it is locally or across the network and we love to collaborate between offices.

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