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Feature Friday: Hannah Floyd

This week we’re fortunate enough to be joined by Hannah Floyd, Director and Co-Owner of Pi SQ.

We discuss (bravely) setting up a business during a pandemic and plenty more from Hannah’s 14 years within the workspace design industry.

WOD: Tell us about your background and how you ultimately became involved with the workspace sector?

HF: “I started my career working for Regus (serviced office provider) in 2008 and quickly worked my way to be an Are manager a few years later, part of this role was managing and overseeing new centre opening refurbishments and soon fell in love with managing those projects. 8 years on at Regus and I felt as though I needed a change so went to work for a design and build company as their BDM and thoroughly enjoyed myself but always wanted more, to be involved in the projects (thanks to be previous project management) and so within a few years realised that the BDM role on its own just was not enough to satisfy my craving for projects. A few years ago, I started a main contracting company with a previous colleague as a non-equity director and left there last year to start Pi SQ, an independent furniture consultant based in the Midlands.”

WOD: How exciting, and could you tell us a little more about your latest venture? What does a typical day at work look like for you?

HF: “I am one of four directors in the business and am responsible for growing and maintaining our projects in the North – I have a parent company which is well known and respected Pi Group who are based in London.

Inever thought I would ever say this but nowadays it’s a 5.30am start, go for a run! Anyone that knows me knows I am an evening owl, but I am trying to prepare myself for when the world reopens, I would imagine I am going to struggle to fit this in so training myself to do exercise in the mornings – this is a huge change for me. After the run I have my morning coffee and emails check before commencing the zoom, teams, calls with colleagues and contacts – although face to face meetings do happen such as site surveys, on site progress meetings too and of course putting our proposals and bids together.”

WOD: You mention the amount of digital meetings, no doubt as a result of the pandemic. How has this affected you in your – still new – role?

HF: “Well, it made me set up a business for a start but it hasn’t been without its challenges, It’s been a lot harder to build new relationships but those already there have been strengthened so there is a positive. Online meetings have been a saviour, could you imagine the difference in businesses recovery without it? Project meetings, submission proposals would have been near enough impossible so we have a lot to thank zoom/teams/google hangout for but I am so excited to get back out there and meet people face to face again.”

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