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Feature Friday: Titir Dey

Hello and welcome to another Feature Friday – we’re glad you could join us! For our last interview of the month we sit down with Titir Dey, MD for Space Matrix.

WOD: Many thanks for taking the time to join us today. Why don’t we kick off with an introduction into you and your background and how you became involved with the workspace sector?

TD: “Kolkata, then Calcutta, the City of Joy is where I was born. A city rich in art, music, theatre, literature and creative environment has been instrumental in my growth and evolution as a creative entity. Moreover, being a part of a family that has always had a very strong affinity towards art and culture has surely been the icing on the cake!

I have done Masters in Architecture. Architecture enables one to realise the beauty and the power of space and what a humongous impact it always has on people and users. All these years in Space Matrix, while creating unique and immersive workspaces, I have, time and again realised that when architecture and interiors blend effortlessly and speak a unified design language, the inevitable results are subtle expressions which are both timeless and endearing.”

– Browserstack, Mumbai

WOD: Could you tell us a bit more about your current role?

TD: “Speaking about my current role would entail my focus on creating engaging and immersive experiences and environments for our esteemed clients across the globe, by identifying and evolving design strategies and solutions. Our goal, as a vision-oriented team, is to create workspaces that inspire people and impact businesses. 

On the other hand, as the Design Face of the organisation, I emphasize on our talent strategies, performance, as well as Learning and Development. As a part of our design fraternity, we constantly engage and encourage each other to innovate, explore new ways and new ideas with a common goal in mind – to elevate human experiences through the power of design.

BetaLab, Gurgaon

WOD: And what does a typical working day for you look like, if there is such a thing?

TD: “There is no typical work day for me! No two days are similar and I guess that’s what I find most exciting! Throughout the week, we are engaged in diverse activities which include design workshops and brainstorming sessions with team and clients, connecting with our colleagues across the globe while working on firm-wide initiatives, daily catch ups and unfailingly some ‘me time’ to gather all my thoughts and perceptions! Amidst all these comes our weekly wellness session where we all come together for nearly an hour engaging in the wellness activities planned for the day. Thus, no set day!“

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