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“Women in Office Design (WOD) celebrates power and solidarity through its initiatives”

“Women in Office Design (WOD) UK was established in 2018 by Harsha Kotak, an interior designer and writer, as a global networking platform for women in the workplace design industry. The platform aims to support members’ professional development through networking events, mentorship, education and advocacy. With chapters in the UKUSA and Europe and more than 2000 WOD members currently, Women in Office Design has set up on a unique path to bring professionals together from the architecture, interiors and allied design fields.

The establishment of this initiative stemmed from research. According to the UK Design Council in 2018, across the design workforce, only 22 per cent of the workforce comprises women and in architecture that number drops to 17 per cent. Furthermore, there is a significant misrepresentation of women within higher positions in interior design firms, with only 25 per cent of firm leaders being females.”

WOD Founder Harsha Kotak and WOD India Ambassador Payal Sandhu Khurana recently spoke to Stir World. You can read the full article by clicking here.