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Feature Friday: Renata Sias

Following a short break we’re excited to announce the return of our Feature Friday interview series for 2022!

To kick things off, here is a recent conversation with Renata Sias; Founder & Editor in Cheif at WOW! Webmagazine and WOD Italy core team member.

WOD: Thank you for being a part of our Feature Friday series. Could you start by telling us a bit more about your current role…

RS: “I have been a smart working addict for over 30 years, since there was no internet or smartphone and laptops weighed 20 kilos… I am editor in chief of WOW! (Ways Of Working), the webmagazine I founded 10 years ago after working for 30 years specializing on the workplace as architect, professor and editor of the magazine: Ufficiostile, the first in Italy dedicated to the office. I started working there in 1974 as a proofreader (a role that no longer exists!) while studying at the university and to support me and my daughter.

While I was graduating in architecture, I soon became an editor and this allowed me to visit trade fairs and companies in Italy and abroad and to experience the most revolutionary steps related to the workplace.”

WOD: And what attracted to the workplace sector?

RS: “I understand that unimaginable changes were taking place in the workplace and this sparked my interest. At that time we started talking about hardware and software… The workspace was transformed.

The office design was also changing, I was lucky enough to collaborate with great masters of the ‘80s from Ettore Sottsass to Angelo Mangiarotti, from Mario Bellini to Achille Castiglioni. And above all, I worked for many years with the great Isao Hosoe, for the industrial design of office furniture, books and workplace exhibitions.

I believe we have made a contribution of strong innovation. These have been very stimulating years.”

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