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Feature Friday: Nichola Adams

We’re back with another Feature Friday as we speak with Ergonomics expert, Nichola Adams.

WOD: Tell us about your background and how you came to be involved with the workspace design sector – more specifically Ergonomics…

NA: “I originally worked in Art Galleries with a degree in History of Art. Then, after a yearning for a change of career, I undertook a career’s assessment where they recommended architecture or ergonomics. Ergonomics ticked all the boxes, with my interest in people, so I went back to University to study a Masters in Health Ergonomics, learning about biomechanics, anthropometrics and psychology. 

On graduating, I met some physiotherapists who commented that they just couldn’t find the right chairs to recommend to their clients, so I picked up on the challenge and in 2004, I launched a range of back care ergonomic chairs, for Corrigo Design. All made in the UK. Then, as I was also providing ergonomic consultancy services as part of this, I later founded Inspired Ergonomics, an ergonomic consultancy company specialising in preventing and reducing back pain in the workplace in the form of Ergonomic Assessment services for home and office workers.

I was introduced to your group by Kirsty Angerer, a fellow ergonomist. I had the great pleasure of attending a few of your in person events and loved connecting with fellow women in design members. You are running an invaluable support group, thank you.”

– Runway Chairs

WOD: And could you explain your current role…

NA: “I am the Director of two companies, Corrigo Design, and Inspired Ergonomics. 

It is a rich and varied role, where I have the honour of helping employees resolve their back issues, enhance their comfort and productivity levels. Before the pandemic, I had the pleasure of visiting a huge variety of offices, from a law firm in the Heron Tower to design agencies in Shoreditch, meeting new people everyday. All of our work has now gone on-line and has allowed us to extend our reach globally. I never know which country is going to be on the other end of the video call. When I am not meeting clients, the role includes the design of new products and services and managing the day to day running of the two companies.”

WOD: What does a typical working day for you look like?

NA: “Each day is different. From providing one to one consultations directly to a company’s employees, advising on the right Corrigo Design chair or ergonomic furniture for a corporate client, visiting the factory, training new distributors or delivering an online workshop. In between these, I will be dealing with onboarding new corporate clients (including all the legal issues surrounding this), networking with other wellbeing advisors or office design companies, catching up with my employees, and of course, developing new products and services.”

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