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Feature Friday: Manisha Peck

It’s Friday again, and that means we’ve got another interview with one of our fantastic members lined up for you. 

This week we’re joined by Manisha Peck, Senior Purchasing Associate at Knotel. We find out about her journey into the workplace industry – via Quatar – as well as some of the current challenges facing the sector.

WOD: Welcome. Let’s start from the top… Take us through how you found your way into the wonderful world of workplace…

MP: “I have only been working in the the D&B industry for the last 6 years – I started as a young receptionist at Micros Fidelio, where this crazy French man saw something in me and asked if I wanted to move onto buying and this is where I got my first experience as an assistant buyer, to then moving on to IT companies, working as Customer Relations, to Order Management to Project co-ordination.

Its with the build up of these skills & confidence from each of these roles that I was then able to get a job out in Qatar as Project Manager for furniture fit out.

Out in Qatar it was a very different culture, I was in an environment which was mainly male dominant and I was just a small female who got questioned about anything I said – and how dare I have an opinion! I had to learn quick – and I was definitely pushed into the deep end – but I survived and knew I could not be afraid, to always tell it how it was and most importantly always have my reasons backed with evidence!

Coming back to the UK, I knew I wanted to carry on in the industry, so I got a job as FFE manager, to then wanting to learn more about fit out Project Manager.

Seeing the whole process from the construction to the FFE, I realised where I wanted to be is the FFE, the FFE is the last bit that brings everything together and makes a space look complete.”

WOD: So would lead us to your current role at Knotel – talk us through it…

MP: “Knotel’s offering is to provide flex office spaces that are tailored to the customer’s needs.

My role at Knotel is procuring the FFE products for projects, sourcing new furniture for the design team, and maintaining vendor relationships. I am very lucky as my role allows me to work closely with the design team who ensure the spaces they design are to the customer’s requirements and the designs are to include well specified furniture.

I am excited about the future of Knotel as the model is about being flexible and agile. The way forward will be flex office spaces – rather than the traditional long term office leases – its about people coming onto the office to collaborate, brainstorm and having the flexibility of working from home when needed. So watch this space!!”

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