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“Andreu World hosts a gripping discourse between Power Women of Design”

“The crusade for sustainability is no more a separate sect in the world of art and design. It has grown, and justifiably so, to impact the creative community and the globe in its entirety. As people switch to greener alternatives for mundane tasks, may it be renewable energy sources, public transportation, or materials to curb plastic waste, there is one aspect that cannot be overlooked: small scale efforts are futile unless they are replicated by the big fishes of the industry. The need of the hour is not just awareness, but action, one that resounds across the spectrum, from laymen to tycoons—whose actions, in fact, bear the greatest consequences. Over the past years, the status quo has been in a constant state of flux, awash with questions, challenges and a slow but steady turn of the tide. More and more companies restructure their fundamentals to do their bit for the planet; one such brand is Andreu World.”

A big thank you to to Stir World for covering our recent event in Pune, in collaboration with Andreu World. You can read the full article by clicking here.