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WOD Featured Product: “Drop” by Frovi

As a child living in a small apartment in Mumbai, I used to sleep under the study table (not literally). We had a space saving wall-mounted study table which was folded away at night to make space for my bed on wheels.

This fold away desk from Frovi took me back to my childhood. 

Today, I have a proper work desk facing a window but there are many in the city that have no space to accommodate a desk for this new ‘work from home’ era. 

This compact drop desk from Frovi could be the answer. With its two leaf design it can accommodate both the partners and children working in the space. 

They also have an alternate design to wall mount this desk for people who like to have a designated space to work. Both design options give the flexibility to stow-away the desk when not in use. This, just like ‘Gustav’ from Obo (see our article here) helps indicate the start and end of the work day when working from home.

The Drop desk is an elegant and simple design which comes fitted with castors so you can move it around your home to follow the natural light or take in an inspiring view.

The design matches any decorating style, it can be adjusted for 1 or 2 people to work comfortably and then it folds away after work into a very small footprint, making it easy to store.

The Box desk is a contemporary, open-concept design which solves the problem of not having floor space for a desk. When the Box desk is not in use it can be folded back up with all books and laptop held in place on the grooves inside. 

No more fighting for a space on that dining table. Happy Home Working!

By: Harsha Kotak

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