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WOD – Designing for Wellness

This WOD India event was hosted at Humanscale / S Cube Ergonomics Private Limited‘s beautiful showroom in Bangalore, India.

This interactive knowledge sharing event with fun workshop style games was organised exclusively for women in the workplace design and CRE industry in India.

The event started with an online presentation by ergonomist Juliet Raine of Inspired Ergonomics UK, where she shared her research and views about considering ergonomics and wellbeing while designing a future hybrid workspace. This was followed by a talk by Wellbeing expert Sujatha Ganapathy, VP Sustainability, Knight Frank India. During her talk, Sujatha covered all the key points to consider while designing and building for wellness.

The guests than enjoyed a round of workshop style games racing with each other to build monitor arms and chairs which was a fun way to learn the basics and mingle with industry friends.

This small group event was enjoyed by all and was a perfect learning and networking evening. Watch the video below: