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Kay Sargent on the Spacecraft Podcast with Dan Moscrop

We partnered with Dan Moscrop last year for his podcast Spacecraft, to bring inspirational stories and interviews with women leaders from the workplace design industry.

Season 3 began with an interview featuring WOD ambassador, Kay Sargent.

“Everybody is saying ‘what is the future of work?’. We have the world’s attention, if all we do is address the things that are immediately at hand, and we ignore the things that weren’t working before, and we ignore the things that are on the horizon. This absolutely will be our Kodak moment, and our industry will be in a world of hurt. But we have the options and the ability to see that to embrace the change and to make some fundamental pivotal shifts in the way we work in the way we deliver space and the way we think about it, that we may not have again, for a long time.”

To listen to this wise advise and other insights from Kay go to the links below for the full episode on both iTunes and Spotify.