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Feature Friday: Suzanne Stuart

We’ve made it to the end of another week, and that means it’s time for another Feature Friday interview as we’re joined by Suzanne Stuart, Account Manager at KI.

WOD: Tell us about your current role…

SS: “KI have been designing furniture since the 1940s. We design locally in response to our customers’ needs and provide contract furniture solutions that fit their environment, brilliantly.

I work alongside our dealer partners to identify and win Workplace projects. This is achieved by building relationships with the furniture consultants, listening to their requirements and putting forward the best solution KI can offer.”

WOD: What was it that attracted to the workplace sector, and why?

SS: “I have always loved working in an office environment but my plan wasn’t to work in the industry that furnishes them. As we know, once you are in it, it’s addictive!

2007 was when I established a love for the workplace sector. I was working in a busy showroom where furniture consultants would bring in their clients to find the right product for their projects. Using my knowledge and experience that I have built up over the years to assist with the decision making was and still is hugely rewarding.

The clients and friends that I have made along the way make my job a pleasure and I look forward to what each day brings.”

WOD: What are the key issues relevant to your client base at the moment? And what challenges does that present?

SS: “Getting people back into the office! Every company is approaching the future with caution, and each with slightly different strategies. Deciding what to do next is a big issue because we are all learning as we go. 

With our diverse mix of clients, we are in a good position to share anecdotes and case studies of how one organisation is moving forward. It can be quite interesting to see what inspiration gets picked up and re-imagined in another scheme.

Everyone accepts that offices have to adapt and refurbish to become places people ‘want’ to be in, not ‘have to’ be in. Hybrid working isn’t new, but it is definitely going to be more common, so people will expect different things when it comes to working culture. It will no doubt result in the shrinking (but not disappearing) of seas of open plan benching. But what will rise in its place is going to be really interesting and I can’t wait to help clients bring their vision to life!”

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