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Feature Friday: Muriel Altunaga

Thanks for joining us once again! This week’s Feature Friday guest is Muriel Altunaga, Director at Design Hub CBRE.

WOD: Talk us through your background and what brought you into the workspace design sector…

MA: “I am a Cuban born Architect with two master’s degrees; one in building heritage and the other in smart buildings and environmental architecture. At the start of the dot-com boom I was working with hi-tech companies / cutting edge technology companies that were very focussed on creating great places to work. Because the economy was booming, companies were willing to invest heavily in office design. They wanted amazing work spaces in order to attract the best talent. These early projects planted the seed of my passion for workplace design.”

WOD: And how about your current role at CBRE’s Design Hub?

MA: “The Design Hub is CBRE’s platform of designers and architects, working in EMEA. We are specialised in workplace design and we create a unique experience for our clients. I am one of the Directors with a strong focus on business development.”

– Hilti, Madrid – CBRE Design Hub

WOD: What does a typical working day for you look like?

“I have been working from home since March 2020, like everyone else. But I had always worked from home regularly. I am an early bird and my best days are when I start with a morning yoga session. Then, I have breakfast with my daughters and after a good cup of coffee, I get ready for the workday. I spend a lot of time on calls, client presentations and proposal reviews, but I keep lunchtime with my family and evening walks with my friends in my diary. I need the human contact rituals every day.” 

WOD: Is there any particular advice you’d offer to somebody wanting to succeed in a similar role to your own?

MA: “I would recommend staying focused on the bigger picture and having a clear vision on what you would like to do. Stay curious, there are amazing thinks happening around you. Also, do not be afraid of asking for promotions, clarifications, and opportunities.”

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