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Feature Friday: Debbie Smallman

If you’re familiar with WOD then there is a good chance you may recognise this week’s Feature Friday guest, Debbie Smallman.

In addition to being Vice Chair here at WOD and co-founder of our Birmingham chapter, Debbie is several months into her new role as National Brand Manager at Profim. We thought now would be a great time to check in, see how it’s going and talk a bit more about her background.

WOD: It’s very kind of you to join us. Tell us about your background and how you got into the workplace sector to begin with…

DS: “Thank you for having me. Well, I’m born and bred in Bridgnorth in Shropshire. I started work in the office supplies industry and fairly quickly progressed to specialising in furniture, which has always been an interest of mine. This comes from the influence of my very talented mother, who is a seamstress. In fact, she has now been running her own business for 55 years. That could be where some of my drive comes from too as she is very hard-working!”

WOD: We know you’re the Vice Chair here at WOD, but tell us about your other role…

DS: “I’m the National Brand Manager for Profim, part of the Flokk house of brands – we focus on bringing third spaces alive in workplace design. As a team we’re aware of the huge impact that our seats have on the health, wellbeing and work comfort of users – the majority of us can spend hours at a time sat in the same chair. We aim to establish standards of healthy and effective sitting.

I love showing people ways of designing our products int projects and using new ideas of how our products can make a difference in a workplace environment.”

WOD: And with design in mind, what’s grabbing your attention right now?

DS: “The whole service office vibe and coffee shop feel really excites me at the moment as I’ve never had a desk in an office and always worked from remote spaces. I really think that it works. It’s an engaging environment to be in and never dull. Hopefully people continue to learn to embrace this newfound freedom.”

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