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Ambassador: Advisory Panel

Stephen Block

Sales Marketing Manager, Bene UK / MENA / APAC

At Bene, Stephen devises and delivers a year round calendar of unique and engaging activities and events in order to promote and elevate the brand; including presentations and workshops product launches and networking events. Exploiting a relationship pool that Stephen built across the industry, he has also developed knowledge sharing/learning events to give back to the industry; featuring wellness experts, spatial and workplace consultants, neuroscientists and architects.

In relation to these activities, Stephen is responsible for ensuring regular footfall through the Bene showroom and at events, in order to generate new business opportunities and high brand awareness as well as to strengthen existing customer relationships.

Furthermore, he curates training and learning trips for customers, partners and staff to our headquarters in Austria, and exhibitions around Europe.

In line with corporate guidelines, Stephen writes and develops marketing materials (invitations, newsletters, brochures and adverts) appropriate to the local region and addressing different industry/client groups, which are distributed directly in targeted campaigns. In addition, he develops partnerships with print and online industry publications in order to deliver a parallel media plan.

Stephen also manages the Bene showroom team, mentoring staff to create a persuasive user experience, and, in line with the brand’s values, ethos and the marketing strategy, curate showroom settings and walk-throughs which tell a story and convey key usage trends.