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Luke Palmer

Principal Designer, Orangebox

Hi, I’m Luke Palmer. I’m a principal designer at Orangebox and I’ve been designing office furniture solutions alongside a group of amazing colleagues there for the past twenty-one years. I studied Product Design in university and was successful in obtaining an industrial placement with the company, which subsequently sponsored the final years of my First Class Honours Degree.

The original Orangebox factory in South Wales is built on my grandfather’s land so I’ve always felt a strong connection with the area and the manufacturing capabilities native to this region. I’m passionate about our collective esponsibilities as designers to develop useful product solutions that have minimal impact on the natural world. Environmental design philosophy is the core principle that guides and drives me to innovate. I love the creative process and I’ve been fortunate enough to experience and gather a broad spectrum of knowledge during my career. For me personally simplicity is key, reductive design enables me to produce work that I’m ultimately proud of and that makes me happy.