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Materials: How to Specify for Sustainability – London, UK: 2024 @Cosentino

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During a busy month of events in June 2024, we had the pleasure of hosting an event at Cosentino’s London showroom and were fortunate enough to be joined by Anja Schellenbauer (UKNZCBS contributor and certified Passivhaus Designer and Associate Director at John Robertson Architects), Alison Grant (Senior Associate – Interior Design at HLW), Emily King (Interior Designer at BDP) and Mathew Freeman (Former President of the British Institute of Interior Design and founder at Freeman Studio)

While material choice undoubtedly needs careful thought, it is important to also consider the bigger picture. Materials are just one piece of the sustainability puzzle and need to be balanced with many other issues – all of which was discussed following presentations from senior leaders at Consentino, detailing the company’s sustainability efforts.